Course curriculum

  • 2

    What is Enrichment?

    • Defining Enrichment

    • What a Dog Needs

  • 3

    Choosing Enrichment for Your Dog

    • A Word on Breeds and Instincts

    • What Does My Dog Like?

    • Types of Enrichment

    • Does My Dog Actually Like Their Enrichment?

  • 4

    Reduce, Reuse, Recyle

    • Toilet Paper Rolls!

    • Activities with Boxes

    • Fun with Bottles

    • Berry Baskets

    • Combine for Even More Fun!

    • Kibble on a String

    • Egg Cartons

    • Paper Bags

  • 5

    But Alex, I Already Took Out the Recycling...

    • Yummy Licks!

    • Muffin Tins

    • Flirt Pole

    • Sniffy Explorations

    • How to Be Lazy While Enriching Your Dog (AKA Scatter Feeding)

  • 6

    What Else Can I Do?!

    • Where to Go From Here

About This Course

Alexandria Oldenburg, CPDT-KA

My name is Alex Oldenburg, and I'm a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with MESSY Dog Training. I've been working with dogs and their owners for over a decade now to solve training problems and make sure their dog fits into their lifestyle. 

Most of us know the importance of physical exercise for our dogs. We fence in yards, we take them on walks, we take them swimming, and we offer them activities to "burn off some energy."

However, there's an easier way. 

Mental enrichment! 

An often overlooked aspect of caring for our dogs is providing them with activities to stimulate their brain in a happy and healthy way. In this course we will discover what canine enrichment really is, and dig into ways that you can get started providing your dog with enrichment TODAY, using items found around your house. 

Join Me!

Enrichment is the fastest and easiest way to give dogs an outlet for bad behaviors and to promote calm behaviors.